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For the ninth time, Tigne is hosting 3 freeride competitions organized by Evolution 2 from 10th to 12th March, including the Freeride World Tour Qualifier 3* on 11th and 12th March. The riders will launch themselves down the famous Tufs Face.

Invited athletes will ride the Tufs Face by night on the Full Moon. Then, a big evening will happen at the STRIKE !

[Accommodation deal] 20€ booking fee offered with the code MOUNTAINSHAKER23 on the website

Les inscriptions sont ouvertes 6 semaines avant la compétition


Friday 10 March

7 p. m.

Rider meeting

Saturday 11 March

Face checking

7.30 a.m.

Saturday 11 March

9:10 a.m.


Saturday 11 March

3 p.m.

awards ceremony

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